Starting is great. Stopping ruins everything

It is 5 AM. And my thighs hurt.

Worse, I haven’t had enough sleep, and the weather is cold.

The thought of 5:30 AM scares me: I will be going out to run. Again.

What am I trying to solve? And will I ever finish solving it?

Well, the story I tell myself is that running every morning keeps me fit. How many miles I have to run, I have no idea.

But I know that if I ever stop running, I’m dead.

I guess the point I’m realizing is this:

You never stop solving some problems. Worse, stopping wastes all the time you spent in the past working on that problem.

Stop running after losing some weight. You will gain it back. Stop training after winning the championship. You won’t defend it next year.

It is great to start. We are happy when you start: it takes a lot to be able to start.

But if you will have to stop, for whatever reason, then don’t start at all.

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