Babies are active learners

Pay attention to our innocent, recently born members. And if you miss everything about their attitude, make sure this one thing stays with you: They always want to try. And it is so cute to watch. At first they want to sit without your support. Then they want to crawl. It never stops there. They … Continue reading Babies are active learners

Learning means you didn’t know

This means a lot of interesting things. But most importantly, it means you are going start with making mistakes. Sometimes a lot of them. Why? Because you are yet to know how to master that skill. Deciding to learn, I think, means consciously working on errors till there are few and fewer errors when executing … Continue reading Learning means you didn’t know

So much information, but still so difficult to learn

Like me, do you also struggle often choosing who to follow as you learn? It has been my biggest drawback as a learner. Have you watched so many YouTube tutorials on a single trick you want to learn. And everyone is teaching you with so many different styles? Do you stop watching a video to … Continue reading So much information, but still so difficult to learn

The library: a silent place to quietly self-distract?

Two days ago, I was in the language library at the University of Cape Coast. I needed to work on a report I for submission. A few moments after settling down, a lady came to take a seat at my left. The seat was close enough for me to have an idea of her activities, … Continue reading The library: a silent place to quietly self-distract?

If I hadn’t stopped, if we hadn’t stopped

...practicing that skill, or pursuing that cause, maybe today we would be called experts. Shame on us. Well, shame on me first, for abandoning my first blog,, in 2015, reestablishing it in 2017, and then abandoning it again. Why? Because I wasn't seeing enough comments. Because in a world of about 7 billion human … Continue reading If I hadn’t stopped, if we hadn’t stopped

Universities are not entirely to blame.

Critical thinking. It is the most essential skill a university education can give you, even if the whole four years turns out to be a total waste. Sadly not everyone uses it well. If students realize that the university degrees are actually not going to serve them much after graduation, then it makes sense for … Continue reading Universities are not entirely to blame.

If you ever feel useless…

Then you might need to learn something new. William limped back home. He went to play football and got hurt at the knee and it is swollen. I could only give him an ice pack to put on the kneecap while I went to the field to call Calvin, the fitness expert. I felt useless … Continue reading If you ever feel useless…